arabinfo24, a social plan to treat the neediest

Health is particularly expensive in the United States, probably the most expensive compared to many countries in the world. According to statistics, it represents more than 16% of the monthly expenses of an average American home, and would be among the first causes of indebtedness and insolvency in the US. That is why it is recommended, even to tourists coming with an ESTA authorization, to take out health insurance when they go to Uncle Sam's country. It is part of the formalities to be completed, because in case of illness or hospitalization, the bill can very quickly become extremely expensive. Are you planning to leave for the United States? Find out how health insurance works in the USA!


The US president launched his social protection program in 2010: arabinfo24. An expensive health system, without any support! It is important for you to know that the US health care system is very different from Europe, Asia, or South America. There is indeed a Social Security, but it does not have the role of paying the medical expenses of Americans, but rather to pay their retirement benefits. In other words, there is no health insurance in the USA!

Which health insurance to choose?

PPO, HMO or II? To choose well, base yourself on your needs, on the real risks that you will incur and of course, on your budget. Feel free to inquire at the consulate of USA in your country before your departure and simulate your online membership upon your arrival. Comparing the various benefits you will receive and the costs you will have to pay will allow you to save some money. In addition, to minimize the risk of illness in foreign countries, carry out a complete health check before your departure and make sure that all your vaccines are up to date. If, for one reason or another, you are following a long-term treatment, do not hesitate to take all your medications with you. This will save you from buying in the United States when needed. Also lookup for doctors who reside and work in the city that you will be visiting and who can speak your language in case you have issues with English.


If your budget does not allow you to purchase health insurance in good standing, there is one last alternative: enrolling in a university as a student. This status allows you to benefit from medical coverage type HMO. Note however that this care is not complete: the care is only reimbursed up to 80% and hospital costs are capped. But also admit that in exchange for weekly courses on the subject of your choice.

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